Sat 07 Apr 2018

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $10.00 ADV / All Ages

Youth As Gold

Riff-heavy garage rock from Atlanta, Georgia. Members Dillon Wilson (guitar, vocals), Kyle Henshaw (drums), and Johnny Bernd (bass) came together with the sole intention of putting out loud, gritty, free-wheeling rock ad roll. Making their first run in early 2018, the three-piece quickly found themselves playing to packed-out rooms in bars, basements and venues in…

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The Warsaw Clinic

“Calling all patients” The Warsaw Clinic is a rock & roll revival of Bo Diddley beats, powerhouse riffs mixed with that brutal blues sound of ZZ Top. The tres hombres of TWC are longtime friends from the suburbs of Atlanta.   Throughout the last 10 years they have partnered in different rock bands.  Since early 2015, they have tightened The Warsaw…

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Wicked Animal

Wicked Animal is an unabashed, take-no-prisoners, raucous rock trio that takes the listener on an electrifying journey; embodied through syncopated grooves, crunchy guitars and soaring melodies. With their debut EP, ‘Hello, Vicious,’ Wicked Animal showcases the insights that give way to universal truths, reminding the listener that individual choices often have far-reaching effects. Inspired by…

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