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The Masquerade Presents

Rise To Slaughter

Soultrap | Darkbloom | Tombstone | DMR | The Konvalescent | Years of Sorrow | Beast Mode | Six | Iron Shroud | Classified


3:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Rise To Slaughter

Slaughter Que Battle of the Bands


Soultrap is a Metal band from the Atlanta, GA area. While the group was formed in 2014, the member lineup was completed in 2015 and today consists of Guitarist Jeffrey “Haze” Hays, Drummer Tyler Martin, Vocalist/Guitarist Aaron Pulce, and Bassist Jayson Jarrell. Unrelenting advertisement through performances, merchandise, social media, and street-team promotion have gained the band a sizable and steadily-growing following since their inception into the Atlanta Metal scene.


Southside 33 Ent. proudly presents:

DARKBLOOM… Early 2007, with the release of debuting single “I Wanna Get…” this Industrial-rock band explodes onto the scene defying conventional means of the “rock industry” by breaking boundaries of a time period that relied on performing live shows to build a fan base. Darkbloom’s strategy begins by promoting almost solely on the Internet, and to individual DJs worldwide without yet playing (a single note) “live” in front of any audience. This 2007 single, “I Wanna Get”, elevated to the top 10 on over 1500 Internet radio playlists within the first week of release, as well as having…

The Konvalescent

The Konvalescent is a American metalcore/deathcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band was started in 2013 by drummer LaNise Essick and bassist James Taylor. Later in September of 2014 they added lead vocalist/guitarist Avery Henry, then two months after Avery joining welcomed their second guitarist Asante “Ash” Shakur to complete their quartet. Since the union of these four individuals they have successfully combined elements from the culture of hip-hop, jazz, funk and rock, to bring forth a sound that is hardcore, yet groovy and melodic.

Years of Sorrow

Years Of Sorrow has many musical influences giving them their own unique rock/metal sound which could be comparable to bands like Disturb’d , A7X, and Sevendust

Fan Quote: “This is a group of boys that have scratched and crawled for anything they can to get noticed on the scene.”

The people who make Years of Sorrow happen are Nick Priest on vocals, Coleman Hicks on guitar, Phillip Lassor on guitar, Brian Clark on bass, and Jesse Dycus on drums. Formed in 2007 when Nick, Coleman, and former drummer and friend Colby Daehler started working out a set of songs that have stuck with the band since. Colby left the Band in 2012 to spend time with his family. Jesse Dycus and…

Beast Mode
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