Sun 14 Apr 2019

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 4:00 pm / $10.00 ADV / All Ages

DayGlo Mourning

Occult; – Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; – A deeper knowledge of something not apparent on mere inspection, but discover-able by experimentation. This is DayGlo Mourning and it’s what we’re about. An exploration of sound that transcends the ear and reaches the soul. Sounds that take hold of and manipulate the subconscious,…

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Stoneman is 110% Mountain Metal, From Atlanta Georgia.

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Force of Habit

Force of Habit is the kind of band that defies easy explanation. Put as simply as it gets, this unit is more akin to a four-man hybrid of anarchic metal, elaborate costumes, raw energy and assorted oddities, producing a (quite frankly) huge, chaotic, and aggressive sound that will make your hair stand on end…and most…

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