Thu, Aug 29 On Sale: Jul/29

The Masquerade Presents

Red City Radio

Burns Like Fire | Look Alive | Seagulls | Spray Tan


7:00 PM | $7.00 ADV | All Ages


Red City Radio

“We are a truly democratic band, devoid of ego, unshackled to trend or style with no chief songwriter, no dominant personality, no unilateral decisions. Only solidarity and truth” - Red City Radio.

Burns Like Fire

Burns Like Fire is a upstart punk rock n roll act outta Athens, Georgia. Comprised of ex-members of Guff, KarbomB, and Celerity; Burns Like Fire blends melodic punk rock with aggressive, anthematic vocals. Hitting the ground running in 2010 with a balls to the wall D.I.Y attitude, BLF has done multiple tours of the southeast and has already released an E.P. (The Year of the Rat), a single (King Of Satire), and just released their first full length Down For Life (D.F.L) which was recorded/produced by Roger Manganelli (Less Than Jake/ Rehasher) at Moathouse Studios and mastered by Stephen Egerton( Descendents) at Armstrong Studios. The band is constantly writing new material and playing shows,…

Look Alive

We’ve all played music in different bands over the last 10+ years. Hell, some of us are even in multiple bands now. That’s kind of how it goes, the life of a musician, and we all share that one common thing, the itch to play music. So here we are, another band, another line-up, and another chance to fulfill that itch.

Spray Tan
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