Tue, Oct 14 On Sale: Aug/29

The Masquerade Presents

Waffles or Die Tour

Red City Radio

Direct Hit! | Seagulls | Spray Tan


7:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages


Red City Radio

“We are a truly democratic band, devoid of ego, unshackled to trend or style with no chief songwriter, no dominant personality, no unilateral decisions. Only solidarity and truth” - Red City Radio.

Direct Hit!

Direct Hit is a band from Milwaukee, Wis. and Chicago, Ill. Nick and Devon sing and play guitar, Danny plays drums, and Steve plays bass. We’ve released two LPs, five split 7"s, a split 12”, a box of tapes, and a whole lot of dumb stuff on the internet. We accidentally wrote a catchphrase some people know, behave like children, and take everything really seriously. Fuck you.

Spray Tan
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