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The Masquerade and The Wrecking Ball Present

Real Friends

Have Mercy | Tiny Moving Parts | Broadside | Nothing, Nowhere


5:15 PM | $20.00 ADV | All Ages


Real Friends

You could say Real Friends’ second full-length album, The Home Inside My Head [Fearless Records], is a coming-of-age story.
It’s about the common realization that things won’t be the same as they were during childhood, and that’s okay. It’s a timeless tale we’ve seen everywhere from Catcher in the Rye to Dazed and Confused, but it’s something everybody goes through. So the Tinley Park, IL quintet—Brian Blake [drums], Kyle Fasel [bass guitar], Dave Knox [guitar], Dan Lambton [vocals], and Eric Haines [guitar]—chose to put this journey on tape.
As always, their honesty drove the music.
“When you’re younger, you have a picture perfect vision in your head…

Have Mercy

Bands can astound listeners in plenty of different ways. A phenomenal vocalist can steal the show with soaring hooks; a well-trained guitarist can wow the crowd with an impeccable solo; a solid drummer can dominate from the back of the stage.
In the case of Baltimore’s Have Mercy, what wins out–and what ultimately astounds–is raw, unfiltered passion. A listen to the group’s 2013 debut LP The Earth Pushed Back reveals boundless energy throughout. It’s as if they were playing by their own rules when they recorded it…as if no one ever told them that they had to restrain themselves or color within the lines.
And that’s true, in a way. “We didn’t…

Tiny Moving Parts

With This Couch providing the first impression into their space-age punk and the more song-centric Pleasant Living behind them, the trio of Tiny Moving Parts mixes both sounds for ever-impressive results across the ten tracks of Celebrate, due May 20 via Triple Crown Records. Formed by brothers Matthew and Billy Chevalier and cousin Dylan Mattheisen, the album blooms into optimism across its ten tracks, mixing modern guitar, sensitive songwriting, and high production with their unique flash of musical technicality. They’ve garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Noisey and Alternative Press, earned a fan in Say Anything’s Max Bemis (with Mattheisen appearing across their latest…


Emerging from a city known for Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Richmond, Virginia’s BROADSIDE are resurrecting that message with punk rock mastery.
Formed in late 2010, drummer and Musicians Institute alumni Andrew Dunton approached bassist Josh Glupker to join his project, and after a couple guitarist changes and over 50 vocalist auditions, the tight-knit rhythm section found their match in guitarists Niles Gibbs and Dorian Cooke, and solidified their current line-up with vocalist Ollie Baxxter.
Performing live is at the heart of every bands existence, and after countless miles and self-booked tours, BROADSIDE went on to sell over 1500 copies of their EP and converting…

Nothing, Nowhere

“There is a certain nostalgia that creeps up when adulthood is knocking; there is a sense of lack. 
You develop a more realistic understanding of your mortality, you realize that the pendulum of time keeps swinging. Faces fade and people change. Life can be garbage, the idea is to find meaning within the suffering. This project is about connecting with others through honest emotion and nothing more.”  - n,n.

Somewhere, in a cluttered basement in rural Vermont, you will find “nothing,nowhere.” creating in solitude.
In this very basement - a socially anxious kid has ironically managed to reach not only the rest of the country, but the globe.

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