Thu, Jan 19 On Sale: Dec/20

The Masquerade Presents


CAP | Failing Acts of Society | Muzixo


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages



Nashville, TN’s Radnor is a rock duo ready to take on the world. Their hard-hitting anthems, dark and chilling lyrics, and powerful performances make Radnor a band fans cannot get enough of. Since their 2012 formation, members Warner Carpenter and Connor Hoffman have come together to release two EPs, self-record and publish their debut album Serenity Astray, and bring to the table a live show unparalleled in the Nashville rock scene. Backed with the ever-growing support of their local and online fan base, Radnor is determined to become the biggest and best that it can possibly be.


We’re a pop punk band out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Failing Acts of Society

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