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The Masquerade Presents

Punk Rock Show

The Inmates | The Riggs | Our Own Breed | For All I Know | Our Way Out | Counterweight


6:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Punk Rock Show

Montly Local Punk Showcase

The Inmates
The Riggs

The Riggs started in 2010 in Columbus Georgia. Bringing back 90’s style New York hardcore and punk rock, The Riggs made a name for themselves by doing something most bands were not doing any more, and bringing back the traditional style of hardcore punk rock.
Since forming The Riggs have shared the stage with The Queers, The Independents, Casey Jones, and even one hit wonders Marcy Playground.
Despite many guitar player changes The Riggs are still going strong and have a lot of steam behind them with no signs of slowing down.

Our Own Breed

Beginning of my sophomore year (This is Hogan btw) I started really getting into music and drumming. So I contacted a friend of mine (Carson) and we had a jam session covering some Green Day in my basement. We liked how it sounded (even though my drums were from the 70s) and thought about taking it farther. So that Christmas I finally got my first new kit. Now that equipment was settled we needed members. I contacted my friend from school (Koban) and we added him onto the roster. We had a couple jam sessions and loved the direction we were headed. In those few sessions we had written the base of a couple songs and were nothing short of ecstatic about the music. Problem was; we needed a vocalist.…

For All I Know
Our Way Out

Allen Boehmig and Alex Irvin started multiple bands with multiple different people. They have stuck together through the years, jamming with various people. Recently they added their good friend, Patrick Brigance and have been playing shows attempting to make it big someday.

We like to write uplifting music that all can relate to. We want to reach out to all types of people in need of a friend and we want our music to be that ‘friend’ that the listener can relate to.

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