Mon 11 Apr 2022

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 6:00 pm / $16.00 ADV / All Ages


Formation, Total Pwnage, and Metal Kombat (2003 – 2008) The band was started as a side project of the members various other bands. A melodic death metal band all the members were in disbanded, and the group decided to further develop Powerglove. The band’s first recording was “Dr. Wily’s Theme” from Mega Man 2 in…

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Immortal Guardian

Take a Mexican-American metal virtuoso that shreds guitar and keyboards AT THE SAME TIME, a stellar vocalist from Brazil that’s literally been brought back from death, add a bassist from Texas who’s phenomenal fretless skills are rivaled only by his hair, and round it out with a newly discovered drum talent from Montreal, Canada… That,…

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