Fri, Nov 21 On Sale: Aug/25

The Masquerade Presents

Porch 40

The Corbitt Brothers Band | Owner of the Sun


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Porch 40

Edgy, Fresh, and outgoing, Porch 40’s music is hard to not listen to.

Blending and bending genre after genre, their songs redefine the roots of modern music. They incorporate elements from the best of the old, such as Motown, Jazz, and Funk; whilst embellishing it with the best of the new; rock, progressive, indie, metal, hip hop, and electronic.
With a unique blend of musicianship and instrumentation, Porch 40 enters the music scene with an unprecedented sound, and peerless style.

Porch 40 was formed in Cullowhee, NC by Drew Duncan (vocals, guitar) and Mitchell Metz (violin, moob), who bonded together through music while studying abroad in Wales. Upon returning to the…

The Corbitt Brothers Band

Raw, fierce, God given talent to create and perform music is what best describes THE CORBITT BROTHERS. “Simply put, The Corbitt Brothers jam! They have a killer, hard-driving, southern rock sound with a well-rounded sound of bluesy rock, gritty southern country, and a classic flavored edge to great timeless tunes.” Their original music comes from the heart and is relevant to the times we live in.

THE CORBITT BROTHERS’ passion for playing music and entertaining is second to none. They engage a crowd with explosive energy, amazing talent and magnetism from the first song to the always requested encore.

Another major bullet in their arsenal is ISAAC CORBITT on the harmonica.…

Owner of the Sun

In 2011, the future members of OWNER OF THE SUN were gathered together by Atlanta musician Mike LaSage to be part of the band “Mike LaSage & The Stumbling Troubadours”. The band formed a musical and personal kinship as they played several shows around Atlanta and North Carolina before going on hiatus.

In 2012, former “Stumbling Troubadours” guitarist Keith Laguna wrote a few new songs with inspiration from artists like Townes Van Zandt and George Jones. After floating some of the demo’s through his group of friends, he started slowly recruiting his former band mates back together to start making full band versions of the demos. A few basement practice sessions…

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