Fri 08 Jul 2022

Purgatory at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $15 ADV / All Ages


“If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, I would have never had the guts to say no to Cornell.” By the end of 2019, Christian Cicilia was living the typical life of a Long Island-based, college-bound high school senior. His hometown friend and future poptropicaslutz! bandmate Nick Crawford was one semester into his first semester…

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aldrch (born Sam Richman) operates in many worlds, and in none at the same time.  Instead, he creates his own – a space in which he is free to “[marry] genres that  otherwise wouldn’t be combined, toeing the line of what makes sense and what  doesn’t.” In doing so, aldrch takes a more expansive approach…

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