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Plaid Rabbit

Blissdog | The Endgame | Lucid


8:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Plaid Rabbit

In the spring of 2010 Spencer and Robert Davis united in the quest of righteous jams and soon realized that the need for deeper orchestration of instrument was needed to meet the sounds we had in our heads, so Tyrell Davis was added to sing and Gunther got on a bass guitar. After one performance it was obvious that Gunther wa a front man and Tyrell left to pursue other goals. After a short hiatus Gunther decided to leave the band again which left Spencer and Robert alone together so they set of on another quest to increase the plaid rabbit population. That is where prince was discovered. We have some soloists join us from time to time but at this point the band consists of…


Interested in slaying the gods of rock in order to assume the highest throne in all the land.

The Endgame
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