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The Masquerade Presents


The Convalescence | The World Over | Sickness in the System | Dead Reckoning


7:00 PM | $16.00 ADV | All Ages



Otep is a nu metal band formed in 2000 in Los Angeles, California by Otep Shamaya. The band originally formed as a four-piece nu metal band and were invited to play Ozzfest before they had even signed to a label after Sharon Osbourne witnessed a brief part of their live performance. They’ve since played Ozzfest several times.

Otep have since released five full-length albums featuring many session musicians including Greg Wells, Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Koichi Fukuda of Static-X, Emilie Autumn, Tony Campos ofSoulfly and Asesino (ex-Static-X), and Ulrich Wild. Their first three albums, Sevas Tra, House of Secrets, and The Ascension, were released on Capitol Records. However, after…

The Convalescence

The Convalescence formed in late February 2011 in Toledo,OH as a side project for various local musicians, After releasing pre production clips The Convalescence signed with Ohio independent label Enthral Entertainment to release a debut EP titled “Memories” in May 2011. The band went on to do multiple tours and festivals in support of the EP including The Northwest Ohio Metalfest, Bludgeonfest with Mobile Deathcamp, The Lone Wolves Tour with Winterus, The All Freaks Halloween Ball, The Road to the Metalfest Tour, and The Northern Wisconsin Metalfest. After completing pre production on their first full length album “Unmasking The Betrayer” The Convalescence went on…

The World Over
Sickness in the System

Sickness in the System is an ever-growing, ever evolving metal band based in Chattanooga,Tennessee.
Beginning life as an experimental-Noise death metal band,since growing into something more accessible yet no less challenging. They continue to push boundaries, both musically and personally.

Taking the essence of pure filth from bands like ZAO and ACID BATH and combining it with the artistic and experimental tendencies from the likes of DIR EN GREY and MARS VOLTA, S.I.T.S. will throw flurries of off beat rhythms and spastic guitars into your face and shove them deep into your throat. We constantly grow and change our sounds to how we see fit to our conceptual ideology.

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning was formed by Mike Spriggs and Chris Shupe two active duty soldiers stationed at Fort Benning GA in the spring of 2013 with the goal to mix old and new metal elements to create something powerful, lasting and unique. The two began to build a foundation from bands like Slayer, As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, BLS, Pantera and many others to create what has become the Dead Reckoning Sound. Vocalist Steve Turner has written lyrics that span the pallet of emotions covering topics like love, loss, anger, pride, and perseverance to create hooks that anyone can find themselves caught in. Ryan Lake has taken over on Drums to bring true clarity and power to the rhythm section with…

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