Mon 31 Jul

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $14.00 ADV / All Ages

Nite Jewel

“I’m looking for a real high and a real low, isn’t that the way love goes?” The extraordinary peaks of love are incomparable, but these moments of euphoria are coupled with the feeling that they are fleeting, that conflict lies ahead or worse, inner solitude. Nevertheless, you go ahead — love is new every time…

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Geneva Jacuzzi

Geneva Jacuzzi: BIOMORPHIC ENTITY, adult retard. Possible anthropo-humanoid simulation. Self-reliant, self-regulating, aka Geneva Garvin. Possible late model Rozbo, two-legs, multiple-brained, one vagina, slow-fast dancer, believe me you’ll like her. Data point: self-fulfilling car service presumed culpable in escape from Dark Ages in 1999 and into the Non Dimensions. Current status: emotional/illusory. Category: dressed up in…

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Harriet Brown

Be ready 2 make CONTACT with producer, writer and performer Harriet Brown. He’s got 20/15 Vision, in the left eye, 2 be specific, and HB has his sights on U. Ascending from Los Angeles by way of the Bay Area, HB is fresh on the scene and ready 2 take U all the way up…

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