Tue, Dec 31 On Sale: Nov/25

The Masquerade Presents

New Years Eve In Hell Hosted By Captain and Maybelle

SAF Presents

The Six Shot Revival | Beitthemeans | Pelvis Breastlies | Gunpowder Gray | Captain and Maybelle


8:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | 18+

Masquerade is excited to bring in some of the most fun and rockin bands in Atlanta to celebrate 2014!

At midnight there will be a cash balloon drop and a complimentary champagne toast! If you’re lookin’ for a party to remember, this is it!


SAF Presents

S.A.F is the company, “Southern As Fuck” is our way. It is our belief that life and lifestyle are one and the same.

Creating clothes to define an individual’s individuality is our goal. Whether you define yourself as an artist, musician, athlete, or world changer; you’ll find the clothing to complement that definition right here.

Chad Widner, AZNmike and Mick Martin founded S.A.F as an outlet for design and creativity, because Southern is not a destination and it’s not a point on the compass rose. Southern is an attitude conceived in food, music, art, fashion, and hospitality.

Our products are not designed to define the wearer, but to be…

The Six Shot Revival

It was a time when life was the smoke cloud of impending doom that Marc mentions in “It Never Ends.” He started singing in church when he was 5, but he didn’t take it seriously until he was 15. “It was a Teenage Angst Band,” he remembers. “Not quite metal, but I did spit up blood.”

Guitarist Jon Brown as The Riff King, and if anything defines the Six Shot Revival sound it’s Jon’s blazing hypnotic figures. The Kentucky-born guitarist (and professional luthier) has taken an unlikely path toward his band’s exercise in damnation. “My Dad is a jazz trumpet player,” he confides. “All I heard was Miles Davis growing up.” Jon got into British Metal when he was a kid:…


Just when you thought Southern rock was said and done, along comes Beitthemeans, swaggering out from a dark shed somewhere deep in the pines of Sylacauga, Alabama. The name is fitting for a power trio that is all about boot straps, whether it’s pulling them up or using them to beat their way out of a smoldering genre that could benefit from a whipping or two. With swelling riffs, bluesy throwbacks and a lead singer with a screech that must be part owl, BITM certainly cracks the whip on Southern rock.

Bassist Casey Wilson, drummer Nathan Kelley and singer/guitarist Josh Jones partnered with Birmingham’s Ol Elegante studios and producer Lester Nuby for the band’s latest effort, Head…

Pelvis Breastlies

An All Female Elvis Tribute Band. More Info To Come, Along with Pistols and Puns.

Gunpowder Gray

Gunpowder Gray is a local quintet of young punk and metal lovers who, instead of copying obscure death or thrash predecessors, stick with a sleazy, blues-tinged rock sound that’s driven by heavy guitar riffs.

- Bobby Moore, CLATL

Captain and Maybelle

The Captain has had a love for sideshow and circus entertainment since his youth. After graduating high school, he set out from his hometown of Douglasville, Georgia and explored the country. He eventually got into the body modification industry but never forgot his love of sideshow. After opening and running two successful piercing studios in South Carolina, he met and fell in love with Maybelle and moved back to his hometown to start his family.

Working at a tattoo studio paid the bills, but the Captain wanted more. Thus began his pursuit of fulfilling his childhood dream of being a circus performer and using his skills as a body piercer in his act. While most wives would balk at the…

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