Sun, Nov 2 On Sale: Aug/22

The Masquerade Presents

The Yard Sale Tour

Neon Hitch

Jared Evan | Carmen and Camille


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Neon Hitch

This whiskey-drinking (from a teacup), Cadillac-loving singer and songwriter, Neon Hitch, is not your typical pop recording artist. Her (real) name alone hints at the direction of her destiny. Her story began in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England as her family’s home burned down the day of Neon’s birth, forcing them into a wanderlust lifestyle. Neon and family began their journey by traveling throughout Europe on a bus pulling a caravan bought with the cash Neon “earned” for appearing in a BBC documentary about her family. Neon soon honed circus skills everywhere from festivals to freak shows, where she learned to swing fire and do trapeze. It’s hard not to stop and take notice of this…

Jared Evan

JARED EVAN grew up in Great Neck, New York playing the drums, hoping for the chance to one day become the next Keith Moon. With an introduction to music at an unusually young age, JARED found himself discovering and listening to artists that were way before his time. “I was the only 6 year old in school listening to Al Green and Led Zeppelin”. “I would bring Jethro Tull and James Brown CD’s to school and other kids thought I was weird”. With dreams of breaking as a professional drummer originally, he soon began to experiment with several other instruments and taught himself how to play a number of them. JARED’s early years were filled with a lot of problems…

Carmen and Camille

Twin sisters, Carmen & Camille are a pop duo that melds together sweet harmonies and luscious vocals to create a sound that is as entrancing and captivating as the girls are in real life.

With a few independent releases under their belts, a Juno nomination (Canada’s version of a Grammy), a wide slate of press and industry coverage including hitting the top 20 in Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart, Carmen & Camille are poised to break through in 2014.

Working from their home in Los Angeles, the girls are passionate musicians, devoting their time to creating the new songs they feel represent the sound that is closest to their hearts. Camille is a multi-instrumentalist…

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