Sat, Dec 29 On Sale: Nov/16


22’s at 7 | Jenna’s Side | Dead Ripe | Votiv


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages



NEEDEEP is a 6-piece hard rock act hailing from Atlanta, GA. NEEDEEP has a sense of originality that is very rare these days in music. The originality that NEEDEEP breeds has gained them a very large loyal following throughout the southeast US. NEEDEEP is well known for their intense, second to none, in-your-face live shows. The band’s unique sound that combines elements of hard rock, metal, and alternative is sure to pique the interest of even the casual music listener. In a day and age where the music industry is so stagnant and repetitive, NEEDEEP brings an original energy that leaves fans with a breath of fresh air. Since the inception of NEEDEEP, the band has released one full length…

22’s at 7
Jenna’s Side

Jenna’s Side was formed by Denoxcide -(Dana Davis, Brandon Williams, and Chris Scheetz….now Dana Davis is still writing and producing in houston and Chris Scheetz is now playing in 2 bands while living in Atlanta. Brandon Williams and Chris Johnson the only members left recurited Jamon Pritchett on drums and Caleb McCarty on bass. Since they have been writing and preparing for upcoming shows.

Dead Ripe

Dead Ripe is John Stidham on guitar and vocals; Michael Muncher on drums. We are the best band in all the land. Our debut LP, Overbite is complete. Onsale at itunes, May 8th, 2012.

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