Wed, Feb 27 On Sale: Jan/22

The Masquerade Presents

Mobile Deathcamp

Wolves and Jackals | Anger Within


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Mobile Deathcamp

Based out of Toledo, Ohio, MOBILE DEATHCAMP has been sawing clubs in half, and leaving crowds with their collective jaws on the floor since the band’s inception in 2008. Formed by Todd Evans at the end of his 6 year stint as Beefcake The Mighty with the legendary shock rockers, GWAR, and joined in aural battle by Boe Skadeland and Chad Smith, this musical terror pocket has been consistently leveling venues across North America.

- “My God, I’ve found the holy grail of thrash!” - Encyclopaedia Metallum

- “Gotta love it when you find very straight ahead no bullshit metal to warm your steel heart, and make you feel alive.” -

Wolves and Jackals

Wolves & Jackals is a destructive, unrelenting force preparing for the apocalypse that will consume us all. Patrons of God’s left hand, they incite the legacy of pain and suffering onto mere mortals. Words spoken through them. The gospel of death.

Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Wolves & Jackals fuse together styles from thrash (Slayer, At the Gates), black metal (Behemoth, 1349), death metal (Suffocation, Carcass), and hardcore (Burnt by the Sun, Converge) to construct a driving force of speed and vigorous brutality. DARKWOLF unleashes pain and torment with his screams and terror through his guitar. Jersey Mike lets forth Hell Fire through his solos. The Green Hammer storms…

Anger Within

ANGER WITHIN, (based in Atlanta GA, USA) fuses metal, hardcore, and militant, death-like vocals to create a brutal, non-compromising form of heavy thrash, guaranteed to excite open-minded audiences everywhere. Ignited both by a passion for thrash metal, and an anger at injustice, ANGER WITHIN introduced itself onto the scene in the ‘90’s, and was founded by members Wulf, (Vocals/Guitar,) Oz, (Guitar,) and John, (Bass.) Establishing various rhythm sections throughout the next couple of years, the band headed to Frozen Sound Studios and recorded three demo tapes, produced by Kim Monday, that laid the ground work, for intense, dynamic innovations to come.


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