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The Masquerade Presents

Return To Roots Tour

Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots

Immolation | Full of Hell | If Machines Spoke In Riddles


6:00 PM | $20.00 ADV | All Ages


Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots

Improving on the foundation of technical, neck-snapping death metal that they helped build beginning in the late 1980s, IMMOLATION lumber forth with the seventh chapter in their legendary career, Shadows in the Light. The group recorded their latest collection of deathly dirges within the hallowed halls of Millbrook Sound Studios, once home to such diverse acts as Anthrax, Zakk Wylde and Twisted Sister. With tracks like “Deliverer of Evil,” “Lying with Demons” and “Whispering Death,” listeners can expect no less than top form. Some bands make their mark and quickly fizzle out. IMMOLATION is not one of those bands. Originally called Rigor Mortis, the band was unexpectedly…

Full of Hell
If Machines Spoke In Riddles

If Machines Spoke In Riddles in the result of four guys struggling to find the right musical outlet. We all listen to an incredible range of styles, and as a result it’s been hard to find the right mix of people who also want to explore something new with each song. The wide open palette of the people involved in this project allows us to try new things, and every song we’ve written is a significant evolution from the last. We hope you like what you hear, but rest assured, we also have much more coming soon.

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