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The Masquerade Presents


The Antikythera Mechanism | Adharma | Seconds to Infinity | Carrier | Kysmet | Mosura


6:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages



Featuring local metal music at its best!

The Antikythera Mechanism

“From the ashes of collapse rises the Phoenix to bring in the new age”

The Antikythera Mechanism is quickly becoming the next front line leader of the underground Metal scene. With their debut full length album “The Inevitable Collapse of Earthly Consummation” they have rapidly grown a dedicated and ever expanding fan base not only in their home town of Atlanta but all over the United States. Every member comes from a deep rooted musical back ground with years of experience throughout the music industry. They have shared the stage with many world renowned artists and as a band they are constantly searching for new ways to expand their audience and progress their…


Adharma is a Progressive Metal band based out of Atlanta, GA. We started this band with one intention. To make heavy yet intelligent music and have a good time in the process. The name Adhrama originates from Sanskrit antonym of Dharma. It means ‘that which is not in accord with the law’ - referring to both the human written law and the divinely given law of nature. It refers to a state of imbalance or an unwell and unnatural state.

Seconds to Infinity

Seconds to Infinity Is a heavy melodic atmospheric Metal outfit
straight from the heart of GA, with roots stemming from various other
local acts (Cannopy, Pesado, Empires, Machina caelestis) has come
together to bring you an eclectic blend of melody and might!
Look for our Debut E.P “Of Beast and Spirit” early Dec. as well
as live shows coming soon!!!


Coming from just south of DC is Woodbridge, VA metal band Kysmet. They carry along one simple message with them “Live life with passion.” With their high octane energetic style of metal they carry out their message through action. Musically they are able to bring their own individual raw emotions out by blending fast thrash-metal like riffs with melodic harmonies and catchy one-liners through-out the songs. Live, they are a barrage of energy that is constantly hitting the audience that never seems to cease from start to finish. Whether it’s a small bar or a large-scale stage, when Kysmet hits the stage, you know it.

Kysmet (pronounced: kiz-met), taken from the Chinese…


Started in March 2013. formerly known as Mothra, Mosura is a 4 piece band hailing from Atlanta GA. Founding members Jimmy Mendoza(vocals) and Tyler Blalock(guitar) with influences like Suicide Silence and Pantera were in search for 2 other members fit for the job. In the summer of 2013, bass player Jonathan Benitez joined and brought influences like Peter Steele’s thundering bass tone of Type O Negative to Mosura. Later that year in the Fall of 2013, joined Austin Massingill on drums bringing a Gojira-like sound to the mix. Fast forward to present time and we have Mosura’s giant wall of sound. With one studio album under their belt, are 4 guys with a love for metal and beer doing…

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