Thu, Sep 11 On Sale: Aug/11

The Masquerade, 1200 Hustle, and 4th Dimension Present

Exclusive 3 Hour Set

LTJ Bukem

Armani Reign | Sorted | Organik | Don Darko


9:00 PM | $14.00 ADV | 18+


LTJ Bukem

Just who is LTJ Bukem? Ground breaking DJ? Inspirational musician? Record label entrepreneur? Club visionary, perhaps? When the man behind those wire rimmed glasses and that disarming smile writes his job description just what does he put? The man who took the drum and bass concept from a small venue off London’s Charing Cross Road to the nation’s superclubs and then onto the international stage? The geezer whose records launched breakbeat into a brand new galaxy of sound? Or maybe he just writes ‘Renaissance man for a digital age’. In truth LTJ Bukem is all of the above. Although he wouldn’t like to admit it, LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid…

Armani Reign

In the beginning… Armanni Reign grew up rapping everywhere from elementary lunch room tables to high school hallways to college house parties as a hobby before realizing the worth of his gift. Back then you would prove your worth by progressing from cyphas to battles, which is what he did to make a name for himself. He started in small competitions and eventually worked his way on to radio spots. After spending three continuous months as Philly 103.9FM’s ‘Cypha’ champion, MC Armanni decided he needed a change. Not seeing any longevity in the Battle Circuit had motivated Armanni to switch things up.

His introduction to drum and bass was an experience shared by…


Jamie Andersen aka Sorted has been rocking Atlanta dancefloor’s for almost a decade. Heavily influenced at a young age by nights spent in the notorious London clubs fabric and The End. Sorted came back to the states eager to spread Europe’s sounds to the masses.

Bursting on the Atlanta scene in 2005 Sorted quickly joined the crew becoming one of the cities premier Drum and Bass DJ’s. Cutting his teeth at the now infamous Transit club nights, Sorted learned the importance of building a vibe, while keeping dancefloor sensibility.

As a resident DJ with the Atlanta Bass Wars Crew, you can find him playing across the EDM spectrum in clubs throughout…

Don Darko

Drum and Bass DJ Don Darko has been a staple point of jungle music in Atlanta for over 15 years. Started in the early 90’s. His blends of Jazz, Funk and Baselines make him one of the most unique talents Atlanta has to offer.. His attributes of playing along side such greats as Adam F, Bailey, Soul Slinger, Juju, Ming $ FS, Kenny Ken, Evol Intent, Reid Speed, Faust and Shortee, Sage, UFO, 1.8.7, DJ Rectangle , Noisia , Calibre, Fresh, A-sides, Danny the wildchild and More. He was also an original resident of the infamous Konkrete Jungle in Atlanta as well as holding many other weekly and monthly spots down. .
Moving on with The Bangers and Mash monthly was started by the Demand of a…

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