Fri, Dec 21 On Sale: Oct/17

Always Never & F**k Yesss Present

Le Castle Vania

Street Lurkin | Must Die | M.K. Ultra


9:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | 18+


Le Castle Vania

Very few can burst on stage and through speakers with boundless, electrifying energy like Le Castle Vania (aka Dylan Eiland) can. The Atlanta-based recording artist, producer, DJ, label owner and party champion has perfected the balance of distorted electro sounds and insuppressible dance vibes with a rock twist. Le Castle Vania has proven that originality will always prevail.

It all started back in 2006, when Eiland was asked to remix a track called “Black Eyes” from his friends and fellow Atlanta musicians, Snowden. After tagging the name “Le Castle Vania” to the remix, it hit the blogosphere to massive effect. It was then that he carved his signature sound: a balanced blend…

Street Lurkin

Street Lurkin is not your run of the mill DJ/Producer. Formed in 2010 by Atlanta’s own Ryan Purcell has set out to turn dance floors into mosh pits (a common occurrence, actually). In no time, Street Lurkin was supporting acts such as Feed Me, Kill The Noise, A-Trak, Kid Sister, Le Castle Vania, Treasure Fingers, Borgore, and Steve Aoki. Also sporting a residency at Atlanta’s hottest dance party, FUCK YESSS (brainchild of DJ/Producer Le Castle Vania) , Street Lurkin is here to turn up the distortion, crank up the bass, and sucker-punch the eardrums.

Must Die

Somewhere at any given time in the universe, there is a blue-eyed, incredibly obnoxious, 21 year old boy. It just so happens that this particular boy is MUST DIE!

Coming into being in 2011, Lee Bates is an electronic music producer from Atlanta, GA with a focus on capturing the essence of childhood, manic depression, bad anime, and sleep deprivation. Utilizing bass music as a medium to express these wonders/horrors, he has captured the attention of several veteran DJ’s and producers in the dance music scene. With an astounding amount of music in his vault, and releases on releases on Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, Mad Decent and Atlantic records, MUST DIE! is a human factory of quirky…

M.K. Ultra

M.K Ultra is a DJ/ Producer based out of Atlanta playing many genres such as dubstep, house, electro, moombaton, and hardstyle. Known for her high energy and constant movement.SHE HAS PLAYED WITH HEADLINERS SUCH AS PORTER ROBINSON, FIGURE, DIRTY TALK, CHARLIE P, CYBEROPTICS, APHRODITE, EVIL INTENT,ZOOGMA, PENDULEM, AK1200, MARK INSTINCT, MARTY PARTY, HULK, COOKIE MONSTA, POPESKA, OBLIVION, CAPTAI

N PANIC, BASSEX, NERD RAGE, DJ MEGAN FOX, DJ COURTNEY, STREET LURKIN, AND MANY MORE! She loves producing dubstep and dirty electro. Rising fast as one of the only female dubstep artists in the Atlanta. Playing at your favorite clubs such as Opera, Primal, Luckie Lounge, Connect Lounge, Stoned…

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