Sat 21 Mar 2020

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm /
$50 VIP tickets includes a Council Member character and a major plot line to be written specifically for the ticket holder.
Join the Event Horizon Discord Server for any questions, announcements, and character creation:
Each Ticket will grant entry into the immersive roleplay World of Darkness via the Camarilla’s Masquerade Ball celebration, we will provide characters to be selected, and hors d’oeuvres will be provided in an area designated as “The Fourth Wall” which will be an Out of Character station.
Join us for In Plain Sight, a one-night Vampire the Masquerade live-action roleplay event. Guests are invited to shed their mundane human identities, to immerse themselves in a World of Darkness as they become the very monsters which prowl in the night.
In Plain Sight focuses on one special evening in the unlife of the local Kindred population. It has been ten years since the Camarilla took the city of Atlanta from what they deemed to be unfit rulers. The Prince has invited every vampire under his banner to celebrate the anniversary of this storied victory with an impromptu masquerade ball – and the theme has caused quite a bit of controversy. The official word is that a masquerade will reflect the time honored tradition of convincing humanity that vampires don’t exist, but…whispers abound.
Some say the Prince is asking for trouble, that allowing Kindred to obscure their faces will embolden his enemies to move against the Court. Others say the party is evidence that a new coup has already begun. After all, the gravest threats often lurk In Plain Sight.
Players will choose from a roster of hundreds to find the perfect persona for their evening of drama and intrigue. Characters will come with preexisting backstories, prop suggestions, and complex connections – both good and bad – to other characters in the game.
In Plain Sight is a story-driven, rules-light scenario wherein characters must rely upon cleverness, wit, and social prowess to drive the plot forward. There are no opportunities for open combat, and no tests of physical skill. Rather, In Plain Sight will focus on the characters own journeys as they uncover hidden truths and accomplish personal goals, many of which will put them at odds with other characters in the game
In Plain Sight will allow the players to collectively create and tell the lion’s share of the story. By removing the ‘rails’, we hope to encourage teamwork and creativity, as well as foster new social connections – the result of which will be a truly unforgettable parlour roleplay experience.