Sat, Sep 6 On Sale: Aug/15

The Masquerade Presents

If Machines Spoke In Riddles

I’ll Be An Empire | Seconds to Infinity | Mosura | Versus


7:00 PM | $7.00 ADV | All Ages


If Machines Spoke In Riddles

If Machines Spoke In Riddles in the result of four guys struggling to find the right musical outlet. We all listen to an incredible range of styles, and as a result it’s been hard to find the right mix of people who also want to explore something new with each song. The wide open palette of the people involved in this project allows us to try new things, and every song we’ve written is a significant evolution from the last. We hope you like what you hear, but rest assured, we also have much more coming soon.

I’ll Be An Empire
Seconds to Infinity

Seconds to Infinity Is a heavy melodic atmospheric Metal outfit
straight from the heart of GA, with roots stemming from various other
local acts (Cannopy, Pesado, Empires, Machina caelestis) has come
together to bring you an eclectic blend of melody and might!
Look for our Debut E.P “Of Beast and Spirit” early Dec. as well
as live shows coming soon!!!


Metal isn’t just music, it’s a way of life. Band members Tyler Blalock and Jimmy Mendoza, two bro’s with a passion for metal, formed the band. But two people alone could not play all instruments. With Tyler on guitar an Jimmy on vocals, they searched for member. And soon Jonathon Benitez with his hard pull bass and Austin Massingill with the strength of a drumming hurricane join and thus birthing Mothra, later to be known as Mosura, Delivering powerful blows with the right arm of metal, bringing a new style of metal to the table. Showing our generation isn’t lost!! Surviving on pizza, burgers and Mtn Dew, these brothers bonded by rock move forward, above the rest, against…

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