Fri, Mar 15 On Sale: Feb/26

The Masquerade Presents

Ides of March Festival

Demonaut | Degradations

Order of the Owl | Givethemrope | Crawl | Bleach Garden


7:00 PM | $7.00 ADV | All Ages



Demonaut formed in the cold depths of space in 2010 according to the Mayan calendar. Consisting of 2 basses, 1 guitar, and 1 drummer, the group forges their song from the ore of the heaviest riffs found in the darkest depths of this planet.


Riff driven Southern metal with absolute relentlessness. Emerging seemingly out of nowhere from Atlanta, Degradations exist to spawn their own style of riff heavy intensity. From sounds of slow doom that seem to ooze from the swamp to fast intensity of shattering glass and concrete with the full run of voice from gravely melody to disturbing screams that seem to come from the bowels of hell themselves! Make sure you’re ready for the ride! 

Order of the Owl

With a backstory as epic as their name, Order of the Owl brings some of Atlanta’s most die-hard musicians together in one growling beast of a band. Fronted by Zoroaster’s Brent Anderson, the sound is decidedly metal, but drummer Corey Pallon’s classic rock influence and guitarist Casey Yarbrough’s driving progressive chords give new life to the usual detuned fare Atlanta’s grown so famous for


Crawl began Spring 2012 with a core trio of which have been past members of FULCI, Social Infestation, Molehill, Hog Mountin & Sons of God! Their initial rumblings comprised of immense detuned riffing and sociopathic chants alongside bulldozing sub frequencies and Neanderthal tar-pit beats, bringing together the drunken groove of classic southern rock and prime Sabbathian riffage with the bowel churning devastation of contemporary Doom Metal and sludge rock. Crawl swings a heavy hammer as they deliver crushing Deep South destructo-sludge.

2012 - Crawl began in April with the exchanging of ideas between Eric Crowe, Tommy Butler and John Holloway; slowly getting schedules together…

Bleach Garden

What happens when you mix 90’s grunge with a little new wave twist?

Bleach Garden a 3 piece Alternative/Seattle Sound/Punk band from Atlanta, Ga. From the immense drum beats and heavy riffed guitars to the intense vocals, you’ll be caught in a flurry of raw power and teenage angst. Bleach Garden is a definite hit with a cross between 90’s Seattle Sound and new wave to transform the once prominent rock genre into a whole new monster. 

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