Fri, Sep 26 On Sale: Aug/25

The Masquerade Presents

I Killed The Cat

Souls of Redemption | Now You See Me | Variations | Lights Alive | Amongst The Broken


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


I Killed The Cat

From Norcross, GA, a band formed by a group of guys who like making heavy music.

Souls of Redemption

Originally, James and Ryan were in a band called “Undefined” which hit off pretty well. Unfortunately the band hit a major speed bump where James split from the band and moved onto heavier music with other musicians. “Undefined” then found their recent drummer Ray Scroy. “Undefined” was slowly splitting apart leaving Ryan and their lead guitarist Matt Verner on their own. As it turns out, the same sort of situation was happening with James with his band. Eventually, the three would meet up one day for a jam session to see how things went, and before they knew it they decided to start “Souls of Redemption” along with the addition of bassist Zack Crider. Shortly…

Now You See Me
Lights Alive
Amongst The Broken

It is rather difficult to describe us from our own perspective. Each song we write sounds different than the one before it and each could fit into a different genre. And we pride ourselves on that fact. You shan’t hear the same song over and over from us, no sir. We aim to be unique and stand apart from the generic mediocrity you’re used to hearing. But if you take little metalcore and splash some grizzly deathcore on it, then drop the whole concoction in a hardcore bucket floating in a pond of metal, you might get a sense of what we are. Hyperly energetic energy with a soul burning tingle that makes you want to punch the guy beside you and him say thank you is how you will describe…

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