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The Masquerade Presents

Hope Country

Levi Brilles | RYN | Paige Hargrove


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Hope Country

“I believe that with love and encouragement we can change the worst of atmospheres,” says Brent Johnson. His desire to create an environment and place of hope led him to start Hope Country in 2011.

Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Brent had a desire to see the world and travel at an early age. He began playing in bands at 17 and has since toured in over 40 states as well as all over Canada.

Hope Country entered the studio in 2014 to record what would be come Water, Land, & Sky. With an emphasis on strong songwriting and storytelling lyrics, Hope Country has developed into a prime example of modern-day Americana. The record features two songs co-written with Chris…

Levi Brilles

Music is in her blood and Coming from a family filled with musicians and radio personalities, she was blessed to learn and love all kinds of music. Artists like Prince, Sly and the Family Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Otis Redding laid the foundation for her love of the funk and soul music. Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, and Stevie Ray Vaughan were the seeds that planted her rock and roll roots. She was also born and raised in Blakely, a small rural town in Southwest Georgia, so the education and appreciation of Classic country music was also, a part of her everyday life.

Paige Hargrove
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