Thu, Apr 27 On Sale: Mar/20

The Masquerade Presents

Hell or Highwater

HOUSEOFTHOMAS | Ashes Fall | Sojoürn


7:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages


Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater (originally known as The Black Cloud Collective), is the side-project that Brandon Saller (drummer/back-up vocalist for Atreyu) started after the band went on hiatus. Stepping out from behind the drums and up to vocals/guitar full-time, we see an explosive change in form for him. Their debut album “Begin Again” will be available for purchase on iTunes August 9th and you can download the first single from that album “Gimme Love” on their Facebook.


HOUSEOFTHOMAS, aka “HOT” is a full tank of energy blazing a live show that fills every crowd with excitement! Founded and fronted by singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Robbie Lee, the band carries a polished, mainstream rock/pop sound filled with incredible hooks and melodies that keep everyone wanting more! Other members of the band include drummer Eric Chapman, bassist Mick Van Buskirk, and guitarist Christopher Lee.

Ashes Fall

Sojoürn was formed in Athens, GA during the summer of 2016. Guitarist Alex Edrington and drummer Justin Stoks, bandmates and students at The University of Georgia, went in search of a singer. Guitarist/producer Michael Cummings, who had previously produced a CD for Alex and Justin, introduced them to vocalist Robert Norris. The three musicians got tight quickly, performing shows around Athens and writing Sojoürn songs.
While fans certainly enjoyed their impressive covers of bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, Auidioslave, and Collective Soul, the boys had a yearning desire to play the songs they had been writing. As fate would have it, they got their chance after recording “Nowhere…

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