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The GA Music Awards and Masquerade Present

The Ga Music Awards Nominee Concert in Rock and Metal

GA Music Awards

Enders Game | Vainglory | Blind By Sight | The Six Shot Revival | Fallacy | Byron Hatcher | Davin McCoy and The Coming Attractions | The Dreaded Marco | ThroatpuncH | Inviolate


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


GA Music Awards

The focus of the GA Music Awards is to recognize Georgia artists in Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Latin, Country and R&B, and our goal is to make this event more and more beneficial to Georgia artists to support the great music made right here in the Peachtree state.

We are focused on one singular objective: the development of the music industry in Georgia while encouraging growth in music, both present and future.

The GA Music Awards will focus on the hottest music/artists in Georgia in most genres; however we will honor artists outside Georgia, as well. We are currently looking for sponsors, advertisers, volunteers, and anyone with an interest in supporting the Awards and…

Enders Game

Enders Game formed in the winter of 2001 and is composed of three musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who combine their talents and work ethic toward a career in the music industry. Enders Game has carved a place in the vast musical tapestry of Metro Atlanta by creating uncompromising music that defines the “New Thrash” metal genre by combining the melody of yesterday’s thrash with the rhythms and hooks of today’s metal.

Blind By Sight

Blind By Sight hit the Georgia music scene just 3 short years ago, and already they are winning fans over across the state as well as the region. Blind By Sight consists of 4 men with drive and ambition

that makes for not only a great professional band, but also great entrepreneurs. They know that their band is a business, but don’t sell them short on the side of entertainment and fan involvement. The band recently was one of only two acts in the rock genre that were given the opportunity to play the Ga Music Awards, and the band had the entire crowd of Georgia’s music industry on their feet. In just three short years Blind By Sight has shared the stage with national…

The Six Shot Revival

It was a time when life was the smoke cloud of impending doom that Marc mentions in “It Never Ends.” He started singing in church when he was 5, but he didn’t take it seriously until he was 15. “It was a Teenage Angst Band,” he remembers. “Not quite metal, but I did spit up blood.”

Guitarist Jon Brown as The Riff King, and if anything defines the Six Shot Revival sound it’s Jon’s blazing hypnotic figures. The Kentucky-born guitarist (and professional luthier) has taken an unlikely path toward his band’s exercise in damnation. “My Dad is a jazz trumpet player,” he confides. “All I heard was Miles Davis growing up.” Jon got into British Metal when he was a kid:…


Fallacy the band formally known Triple Shot came to be in August of 2010 when the 3 piece of Triple Shot met the duo of Last Stand. Between us more than 10 years of experience. This was the bringing of what we have today. We have been rocking out bars/clubs/festivals/ and private parties ever since. We are all college students and are all succeeding in what we wish to do! We love the music that we play and our ambition is to be as great as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, or The Foo Fighters. We feel as though we have a great opportunity at hand with the skills that we’ve been blessed with! So open up, we’re climbing in, its time to take this world for a spin! Contact…

Byron Hatcher
Davin McCoy and The Coming Attractions

“Imagine the Allman Brothers grooving with Ray LaMontagne and Citizen Cope, and you’ve got SO GOOD, SO CRUEL, the soulfully fresh new album from recording artist Davin McCoy. Producer Davis Causey (Sea Level) summons a little help from his friends by bringing, in addition to a sultry sweet horn section, modern masters Chuck Leavell and Randall Bramblett. Causey’s guru-like interpretations of Davin McCoy’s pensive, all-soul writing results in a tastily curious dichotomy of old school roots rock with pertinent, genuine artistry.”
-CD Baby

“Davin McCoy is a genuine artist in every sense of the word. He is a wordsmith and musician with an insatiable appetite…

The Dreaded Marco

The dirtiest rock n roll you’ve heard in years, pipin hot and fresh out of Atlanta! The Dreaded Marco stands as a reminder of what named the South dirty.
The band began as a brain child of Charlie Sheets (Echovalve, Circus House Band) and Dixie Duncan (Echovalve, Eye Empire), long time friends and veterans of Atlanta’s rock music scene. The two booked studio time with engineer/drummer Mike Froedge (Black Label Society, DoubleDrive, SpeedX) at Open Sky Studio in Atlanta and began working on songs together. Five weeks after the decision to form the band and make an EP, the boys stepped into the studio with riffs they really loved playing, melodies that just stuck out to them,…

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