Sun, Dec 1 On Sale: Apr/5

The Masquerade Presents

Fates Warning

Halcyon Way | Void of Reason | Shadows in Eden


7:00 PM | $15.00 ADV | All Ages


Fates Warning

The legendary metal band Fates Warning began in the early 1980’s playing a traditional style of heavy metal. However, they quickly began to adopt a more technically proficient style influenced by Rush and are considered by many to be the first true prog-metal band.

While the band has subsequently moved in more melodic and ambient directions, they have remained a vibrant and well-respected cornerstone for the prog camp within the heavy metal strata.

Halcyon Way

Halcyon Way is Atlanta’s premier heavy metal band. They are known for their explosive live shows, instantly catchy melodies, precise vocal harmonies, incendiary guitar work, intricate yet pounding drums, and showmanship hearkening back to the glory days of arena rock. Aurally combining the heaviness of bands like Slayer, Chimaira, DevilDriver, Testament, and the like; accessible melodies reminding you of bands like King’s X, Disturbed, and Queensryche, along with technical brilliance and a twist of Dream Theater, you will be pummeled with the punishing riffs while being lovingly caressed by the unforgettable hooks.

Halcyon Way have received radio play on Atlanta’s FM 99.7,…

Void of Reason

Void of Reason (VOR) is Atlanta’s Premier Melodic Hard Rock Band. Their original music has drawn similarities to Disturbed and King’s X while their cover choices include anything from Pink Floyd to Rush or Led Zeppelin. The group consists of veteran musicians of the Atlanta music scene with over 20 years experience playing a variety of Atlanta area venues including The Masquerade, Sweetwater, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Motorheads, Baja’s, The Local, as well as regional gigs in NC and TN. The band has shared the stage with a number of national and international acts including Nonpoint, Katatonia, While Heaven Wept, Crimson Glory, Orphaned Land, Tempest Reign (featuring members of Iced…

Shadows in Eden

Formed in mid 2011, Shadows In Eden is a progressive metal band from Demorest, GA. The band is a group of four long time friends, coming together under the unified idea of creating unique and memorable music infused with many different elements, ranging from death metal and Sabbath infused blues, to punk and flowing progressive rock. Beginning life as merely an idea kicked around by guitarist Kyle Maxwell and vocalist/guitarist Neil Davis, Shadows In Eden took shape with the addition of drummer Adam Waller and bassist Jeff Dean, completing the current and only lineup. Shadows In Eden plans to have a long and fruitful career playing to an ever growing fan base, with shows being booked all thoughout…

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