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The Masquerade Presents


Machinage | Mnemosyne | Homicidal | Shadows in Eden


7:00 PM | $7.00 ADV | All Ages



Toronto, Canada’s high-energy, modern thrash monsters Fatality have been cranking out beer-drenched nightmares together since 2003. Known for their wild, riotous live peformances and their peerless work ethic, they have been independently booking and promoting their own shows, creating great merch, touring North America, and making some great tunes along the way. Their debut, Beers From The Graves, was an irreverent and horror-themed album that eschewed seriousness in favour of hard living and good times. After supporting that record with North American tours, and being invited to share the stage with the likes of Municipal Waste, Razor, Exodus and Evile, Fatality are gearing up to unleash…


Heavy, Speed and Melody

Three words can clearly define what Machinage is; the band was founded in 2007, in Jundiaí-SP, Brazil by Fábio Delibo (guitar and vocal) and Fernando Kump (guitar).

The band’s proposal was always to believe in its identity, getting away from any label and writing songs in which mix the thrash metal from the 80s together with nowadays technique, besides an aggressive and odd vocal melody.

Machinage has shared the stage with important bands of the world scenario like Overkill, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault Dismember, Tim Ripper Owens, André Matos, Angra, Almah, Torture Squad, and Korzus confirming to be one of the greatest promises.

In the…


Tayler Warren formed the group in late 2008 with members Anthony Marrone(drums) and Cj Berkely(bass). They wrote the title track Homicidal, The Slaughter(which is now a revised song and under the name of Third World), Hell On Earth, and early stages of Justification. In August of 2009, Tayler Warren and Cj Berkely recruited Nick Long to play rhythm guitar. As Tayler and Nick kept moving forward into their music, they wrote songs such as Third World, Justification, Broken Seal, Prophecy Revealed, Switch Blade, and Proliferation of the Human Race. Tayler and Nick recruited Evan Bijit to play drums but they unfortunately parted ways. Later on, Shawn Staszko was recruited to also play lead guitar…

Shadows in Eden

Formed in mid 2011, Shadows In Eden is a progressive metal band from Demorest, GA. The band is a group of four long time friends, coming together under the unified idea of creating unique and memorable music infused with many different elements, ranging from death metal and Sabbath infused blues, to punk and flowing progressive rock. Beginning life as merely an idea kicked around by guitarist Kyle Maxwell and vocalist/guitarist Neil Davis, Shadows In Eden took shape with the addition of drummer Adam Waller and bassist Jeff Dean, completing the current and only lineup. Shadows In Eden plans to have a long and fruitful career playing to an ever growing fan base, with shows being booked all thoughout…

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