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Ethereal CD Release Party


Kona | Thee Red Fox | Marian Mereba | India Shawn | Nicole Alexandria | Miranda Nicole | KeithCharles Spacebar


8:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages



Ethereal was born into this world to Glenda Ann and Ollie Charles July 10th, 1989. Exposed to a wide variety of music at a young age, it was only a matter of time before he began to relay his inner musician/scientist. At year 16 he began making bedroom beats and backpack raps with his close friends, “grinding” across every social network and medium available.

His dormant musical prowess came to shine after the passing of his near and dear mother. Some think this drove him mad sending him into a reclusive, hermetic state. While others know and agree this was just an experience that he was growing and sharpening his mental swords from. Now on the rise after adamantly self-promoting,…

Thee Red Fox
Marian Mereba

Whether surrounded by beating rays of Ethiopian sunshine or melodious waves of sound in a smoky room, Marian Mereba wears the title of your Highness graciously. Her music is a blend between internationally appealing melodies and fine-tuned lyrical ability reminiscent of influences such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan.

Miss Mereba is a college-educated voice of the youth, with music that is the soundtrack for millions of universal stories. The echoes of her sensual voice over versatile, self-produced guitar and piano melodies coupled with lyrics that the whole world can sing to is what sets the immigrant’s daughter apart from otherwise worthy “competition.”


India Shawn

Talented singer and accomplished songwriter India Shawn is a cool breeze, a brave bird, a whimsical flower, a genuine soul and above all, a REAL girl.

With a voice that her fans compare to silk and melodies that are purely organic, Trini-American beauty, India Shawn is the Voice of this generation. Her honest lyrics, soul-vibrating tone and transcendental melodies layered over well-crafted, drum-driven beats provide her own sound that is unique and fresh!

Growing up with songwriter/musician mother and musical family in Los Angeles, California, India Shawn has been singing and writing songs since she can remember. Her sister, Jazmyn Michel, is also a talented singer/songwriter…

Nicole Alexandria

Pint-size frame, gigantic pipes, humble spirit, outlandish sense of humor, and genuine personality, it’s hard to believe all of these qualities belong to one undeniable talent. But once you hear the sound she carries, her amazing range will astound you. And you too will agree that Nicole Alexandria is a force impossible to ignore.

The Cincinnati, Ohio native knew at a very young age she had dreams bigger than the roof she sang under. After seeing Mariah Carey perform on television for the first time, Nicole knew at age six, that being an entertainer was what she ultimately wanted for her life. She would sit in her room for hours at a time playing Mariah Carey’s album repeatedly,…

Miranda Nicole
KeithCharles Spacebar
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