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The Masquerade Presents


Chapel | Cedar Green | Revel In Romance | I The Victor | The Sunsets


6:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages



Usually, transition is what can prematurely end a band. Whether it’s the lineup shifting, the sound evolving or the record label logo on the back of the LP jacket changing, transition puts stress on the musicians to try and deliver for an audience that grows increasingly fickle with every passing flicker of their smartphone. Emarosa, however, not only faced these transitions head on, they came out the other side with 131, their fourth full-length and first for Hopeless Records—and it’s easily their best to date. As frontman Bradley Walden explains, it should come as no surprise.

“Originally, I turned down the position in Emarosa because I knew I was walking into a situation…

Cedar Green

Our band name comes from a concept that influenced the Native Americans. When disease overcame their tribes, in this time period they almost always died due to lack of medicine. Natives would strip the bark off Cedar trees because they held a powerfull anticipative that eliminated sickness. The Cedar Tree to the Native Americans was a symbol that stood for second chances and brute strength. We want to be that second chance and try to be as important as the Cedar Tree to our music scene.

Revel In Romance

Revel in Romance is an alternative pop rock band out of Atlanta, GA. In the past year and a half their live shows have garnered them performances at: Warped, SXSW, Turner Field, UGA’s Anchor Jam at Georgia Theatre, Terminal West, several National Music Conferences, and a Balcony TV multi-week global #1 ranking for their song “Little Love” resulting in a people’s choice award on that station. Their first EP (currently being mastered) is due out this summer.

I The Victor
The Sunsets

The Sunsets are comprised of Torsten Dryden, Brian Jones, Daniel O’Donnell, Breihan Dryden, Devin Gordy, and Allen Poore. The band began its musical ventures in late 2014.

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