Sun 06 Oct 2019

Other Location Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE

Doors 8:00 pm / $15.00 ADV / All Ages

Electric Six

The Devil has always been there. He is the great outsider, the original iconoclast. He is a conniving little shit and never seems to tire of giving humanity a wedgie or a wet willie just for a laugh. The Devil is capable of taking many forms. He can exist as one being or spread out…

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DaveTV is a video deejay system powered by Electric Six guitarist DaVe. We’ll come with all the necessary equipment (video projection, stage backdrop sized screen, etc…E6 will also be using the screen as a backdrop for its performance), with the only thing necessary from the venue being us getting plugged into house audio.  It’ll feature music videos…

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