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The Masquerade Presents

Earphunk | Brownout

Bird City Revolutionaries


8:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages



Initially put together as an outlet for fun, musical creativity, Earphunk began with late night jam sessions between good friends guitarist/vocalist Mark Hempe, bassist Michael Comeaux, guitarist Paul Provosty, and drummer Michael Matthews. Reigning from the funky town of New Orleans, the quartet was set on furthering their exploration into playing music, and began to polish their jams and express their musical aspirations at various house parties and small clubs around New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA. Close to a year later, as the group began to gel and find more opportunities to perform, long time friend and keyboardist Christian Galle joined forces with the Phunk to collectively propel…


If ever a band could boast having a complex genealogical tree, that band is Brownout. The eight-piece, Latin funk ensemble based in Austin, Texas, is both offspring and germinating seed to Grammy award winning Latin ensemble Grupo Fantasma. The latter in turn traces its roots to when Austin based Blue Noise Band and The Blimp, from booming border town of Laredo, Texas, converged in its conception.

Brownout may well be Grupo Fantasma’s psychedelic Latin funk alter-ego, an offshoot of the collective that regularly backsPrince, its latest incarnation, or even its alter ego. What they are not is the sprawling conjunto’s side project. Brownout has…

Bird City Revolutionaries

Bird City Revolutionaries are the rising phoenix ascending from the ashes comprised of seven uniquely talented and highly motivated musicians who are ready to take flight!!! Keep your eye on the sky!!!


The Bird City Sound blends positively charged lyrics with elements of Reggae, Dub, afro-beat, Latin, Funk, Psychedelic, and Surf into a danceable world beat sound.

Genesis and Growth:

Bird City was formed in October of 2011 by Julian Scott Bryan (Drums, Lead Vocals), Larry “Pocket” Thomas (Bass), and Jeremy Saude (Guitar, Dub FX). Being veteran band mates with each other in the Atlanta Reggae band I-tegrity and current members of Atlanta based Psychedelic/Atmospheric…

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