Wed 06 Sep 2017

Purgatory at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $10.00 ADV / All Ages

Downtown Boys

The United States’ myriad inequalities, hatreds and phobias are painfully evident in 2017, offering proof that the age-old dichotomy of “political bands” versus “apolitical bands” simply doesn’t exist. Either you are comfortable and unfazed by the current reigning power structures, or you choose (or have no choice but) to use your music as a vehicle…

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Ganges Phalanges

Ganges Phalanges is a melodic punk/ hardcore band based in Atlanta, Georgia and started in 2011 by vocalist Amanda Anderson and guitarist Casey Hatley. After the dissolution of their last band the two began crafting songs from previously unused material as The Deadites. In 2012 bassist David Sherman and drummer Brett James, both of Atlanta…

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