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Disgorge | Erimha | Soreption | Awaken the Ancient | Control The Devastator


6:00 PM | $15.00 ADV | All Ages



Cryptopsy is an extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. During the past twenty years, Cryptopsy have wreaked havoc throughout the metal genre by releasing six studio albums (Blasphemy Made Flesh, None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You’ll Beg, Once Was Not and The Unspoken King), a live album (None So Live) and an EP (Ungentle Exhumation), which have confronted and invigorated the conventional approach to writing extreme music. Now in 2012, Cryptopsy have returned to their roots in order to craft their newest endeavour entitled “CRYPTOPSY”. The band has said that “CRYPTOPSY” will be their most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of yet.


In 1992 Bryan Ugartechea, Tony Freithoffer and Ricky Myers started what was to become one of California’s most brutal death grind bands. The same year they released their first demo, Cognitive Lust of Mutilation, before moving shortly afterwards to San Diego, California to establish themselves in the underground scene. During the move the band parted ways with bassist/vocalist Bryan Ugartechea. New members Matti Way (vocals) and Eric Flesy (bass) were taken on to fill Ugartechea’s dual role. The band wrote new material for their second demo 95 Demo, which was distributed worldwide and received great reviews. Disgorge played many shows throughout 1995 to broaden their fan base, and in 1996…

Awaken the Ancient

Awaken The Ancient was formed when their sister band, Eridian went on indefinite hiatus in 2010. The remaining Eridian members (Luke Shirley/Justin Naylon) sought to create a new project and contacted guitarist Adrien Bowens. After a few jams the band sought out bassist Barry Scarborough (whom originally started on guitar yet switched instruments to fill the void in the band.) thus forming as a four piece with the goal in mind to create catchy rhythmic death metal.

Control The Devastator

Control the Devastator, a progressive metal band formed in 2011 and based out of Snellville, GA. Throughout the years, they have released an EP titled “Sic Infit” and their debut album, “Through The Dark Rift”. Control the Devastator are currently writing their second album (to be released 2016) and have released a single titled “Lacerations”. The band has a soild lineup consisting of Andrew Riveros, Guido, Josh McFall, Paul Golden, and Ryan Jackson. 

The band has shared the stage with influential national bands including Cryptopsy, Soreption, Allegaeon, Morbid Angel, Erimha, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Origin, Thy Art Is Murder, Goatwore, Within…

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