Mon, Mar 13 On Sale: Jan/6

The Masquerade Presents

Cane Hill

Darke Complex | Within The Suffering | After Me The Flood | Dreamstate Emergency


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


Cane Hill
Darke Complex
Within The Suffering

Within The Suffering a metal band from Dalton, GA formed in the summer of 2014. Consisting of ex-members of, Gateway 2 Nowhere, and Defile The King. Eventually bringing in new members in January of 2015 due to the drummer leaving to persue other careers. Within The Suffering has played with bands such as Forever At Last, Phinehas, Death Of An Era, Goliath, Invoker, The Funeral Portrait and Vera. As well as playing The Masquerade on the Jingle Bell Rock And Metal fest Provided by Gorilla Music Managment. Members consist of Chandler Carter (vocals) Chandler Callahan (lead guitar), Seth Johnston (bass guitar), Tyler peters (rhythm/lead guitar), Seth Bracket (Drums).

After Me The Flood
Dreamstate Emergency

Dreamstate Emergency is a journey into both the waking and subconscious mind. It’s about those malicious thoughts that stem from a need for just a few moments of serenity in a chaotic world in which no one is held accountable for their actions anymore. Willing ourselves to ignore and escape it so strongly, our subconscious begins to take over and control our actions more and more. Often we have no recollection of what occurred. Asking questions to which we already know the answer, yet unable to quiet our minds to see it. Enduring the social stigma that prevents us from admitting a closeness to an energy greater than ourselves. We will never be at peace until we transcend all of our stressors…

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