Wed, Jan 30 On Sale: Dec/21

Atlanta Bass Wars, College ATL, Music Matters, Masquerade, ODDtree, PrototypeRadio, RSVP ATL Present

Enter The 4th Dimension

4th Dimension

DJ BL3ND | BLACKBURNER | Drbblz | DJ Quad Control | Patrick Morgan | Illuminaughty


9:00 PM | $17.00 ADV | 18+


4th Dimension

So Atlanta are we ready to take the show experience to the next level? Tired of paying high prices for Locals or shows with no production. Well so were Atlanta Bass Wars, College ATL, Music Matters, Masquerade, ODDtree, PrototypeRadio, RSVP ATL & More. Enter the 4th Dimension a brand new monthly designed to enhance the Dancing Experience to the next level. Headliners and Production for a proper fee as well as a promise of a Great time. To ad more we will be adding live dancers, Characters and all around positive vibes. We encourage all to get the pre sale as we expect these nights to sell out fast.


Only one DJ in the world can claim to have a global following of millions, while never having left the United States. The story of DJ BL3ND is like none other. It began with his humble upbringing in Los Angeles, California and continues to this day, with over 200 million views on YouTube on his signature high-energy live mixes.

Driven by his passion to spin the music he loved for a larger audience, BL3ND began handing out mix-tapes to local clubs and promoters in 2009. However, he had a difficult time grabbing anyone’s attention. Seeking another means of sharing his passion with the world, BL3ND began creating live videos of himself dancing and spinning energy filled, hard hitting…


Cleopatra Records proudly presents BLACKBURNER, a bold new force in electronic music masterminded by multi-talented producer/musician Skyla Talon. A Michigan-born Los Angeles transplant, Talon cut his teeth in the music capital of the world with the modern metal band Killingbird, which he founded, and in 2005 joined Scum Of The Earth, featuring former ROB ZOMBIE axeman Riggs.

Inspired by the revolutionary new sounds in Dubstep and Glitch music generated by the likes of fellow metal-head-turned-DJ SKRILLEX, Talon began the BLACKBURNER project, remixing tracks and releasing original compositions through the Cleopatra imprint Hypnotic Records. The project immediately met with enormous…


Making music, having fun, and getting creative with sound is what it’s really all about.  Expressing myself through the raw sound of bass music is what truly makes me happy from the core of my existence.  If i’m in my bedroom by myself listening to tunes, or scratching and performing for clubs and raves, I keep this philosophy at my own personal forefront.  I love good music, and I play what I love.  I add my own twist to shit the way I see fit, whether pre planned, or in the heat of the moment.  I am not big on the whole bio thing, but people want to know who the fuck I am, so here’s some of the things that have been written about me along the way. …

DJ Quad Control

Multi Genre producer, founder of Atlanta Bass Wars. Double drop specialist. quiet guy, the dude no one knows, and likes it that way.

Patrick Morgan

Patrick Samuel Morgan is an Atlanta based DJ/producer who is well known for his freshly squeezed tracks and off-the-wall antics on stage. Born on June 9, 1992, this young DJ has been infatuated with EDM for more than half his life; his passion drove him through five years of Allstate Band as well as motivating him to put in countless hours to study the art of musical creation on his own. Patrick produces a wide variety of house music. Some of his greatest influences include talented artists such as Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, Mord Fustang, Hypster, Wolfgang Gartner, Jody Wisternoff, and A-Trak. Patrick’s tunes are catchy and addictive, but it is his stage presence that makes him stand…


Illuminaughty is a group made up of Nick Orgias and Justin Gray both of which Dj/Produce. Specializing in Dubstep, Trap, and Moombahton, along with their sub-genres, Illuminaughty over the last year has built a reputation for performing diverse, lively sets that keep any EDM enthusiast moving. Illuminaughty is also working on developing stage production so that they not only capture the audience with their massive sounds, but stunning visuals as well.

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