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Gorilla Music Presents

The Atlanta Battle of the Bands

The Atlanta Battle Of The Bands

Cherish This Moment | Rebellious Penguins of Tokyo | Vitality | Candle Cove | Defile The King | Guerrilla World Order | Collapse Generation | Came Out Swinging | The Mercury Saints | Masses of Rapture | Wolves in DC | Gateway 2 Nowhere | Pose No Threat


4:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


The Atlanta Battle Of The Bands

Battle of the Bands at The Masquerade

The Battle of the Bands is a great way to play on packed shows, get new clubs interested in booking you, build fans, and have a chance to win recording studio time. For local bands, The Battle of the Bands series is a great step towards becoming the biggest band in your town. Click on GET YOUR BAND BOOKED NOW to get started!

Weekend Showcases & Festivals

If your group is able to impress us we will book you on a weekend showcase where you will have the opportunity to make over $500 if you’re able to bring a good amount of fans to your shows. We also book several festivals around the country and we’re…

Cherish This Moment

Hailing from a small town from down south Cherish This Moment came upon the music scene with a mission to make music for people to love. With slamming vocals from Jake, groovy guitar riffs from Maika, and Soul filled bass riffs from Jamal, CTM is here to show you what music is all about.

Rebellious Penguins of Tokyo

The first time AJ, Caleb, and DJ mentioned forming a band they were joking around back
in the Winter of 2012. But after hanging out some more on New Years they started to strongly consider
forming one. February 19th, 2013 is when the band finally officially formed. We are acoustic comedy-rock
Lyrics with the same humor and craziness of Tenacious D, the Nerdy rock aspect of
Jonathan Coulton, and a smooth sound that is completely our own!

Candle Cove
Defile The King
Guerrilla World Order
Collapse Generation
Came Out Swinging

We’re Came out Swinging, we were formed in a cold ass apartment in Cartersville by Brad and Adam. then joined by Ramon who added BALLS (and MooMoo). We’re the bestest of friends!

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