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Headbang For The Highway Presents

The Battle For Mayhem Festival

All American Organ Grinder | Adharma | Degradations | Awaken the Ancient | No City, No Skyline | Visions of Gaia | Without Hope and Fear | DreadPull


7:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | All Ages


The Battle For Mayhem Festival

The winner of this battle will play on the Sumerian stage at this year’s Atlanta stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival!

All American Organ Grinder

​Metal from Atlanta, GA.


Adharma is a Progressive Metal band based out of Atlanta, GA. We started this band with one intention. To make heavy yet intelligent music and have a good time in the process. The name Adhrama originates from Sanskrit antonym of Dharma. It means ‘that which is not in accord with the law’ - referring to both the human written law and the divinely given law of nature. It refers to a state of imbalance or an unwell and unnatural state.


Riff driven Southern metal with absolute relentlessness. Emerging seemingly out of nowhere from Atlanta, Degradations exist to spawn their own style of riff heavy intensity. From sounds of slow doom that seem to ooze from the swamp to fast intensity of shattering glass and concrete with the full run of voice from gravely melody to disturbing screams that seem to come from the bowels of hell themselves! Make sure you’re ready for the ride! 

Awaken the Ancient

Awaken The Ancient was formed when their sister band, Eridian went on indefinite hiatus in 2010. The remaining Eridian members (Luke Shirley/Justin Naylon) sought to create a new project and contacted guitarist Adrien Bowens. After a few jams the band sought out bassist Barry Scarborough (whom originally started on guitar yet switched instruments to fill the void in the band.) thus forming as a four piece with the goal in mind to create catchy rhythmic death metal.

No City, No Skyline

We are a Christian metal band and were not afraid to admit it. We love making music, making new friends and just having fun on stage.

Visions of Gaia
Without Hope and Fear

Without Hope and Fear is a metalcore band of four handsome gentlemen and Clint. We are just starting up, and are working on booking shows and getting pictures, videos, and (most importantly) our music up on Facebook. Signed to Clockwork Empire Media.


Just a couple dudes from a small town trying to make it big. You’ve all heard the story before. We are from a Ellijay, Georgia, a small town in the mountains, and we formed our band in december of ‘11. It all started when the former guitar player Thomas Pinson and Chandler jones got together. Lead guitar player Drew Jennings joined the mix a couple of months later. Last, but not least, Kevin Fendley found himself as the lead vocalist. We are still searching for the last chemical in our deadly concoctive mix, the bassist. If you’re the mad bassist we’ve been looking for and you know you’ve got what it takes, especially dedication, please contact us. We’d…

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