Thu, Feb 28 On Sale: Feb/21

The Masquerade Presents

Bare Noize

Mantis | DJ Quad Control | Syl-o


10:00 PM | $10.00 ADV | 18+


Bare Noize

Bare Noize have become some of the world’s most sought after producers since their early work in 2009. Instantly you could see that their combined multiple instrument skills, audio engineering and an ear from precision production were going to lay the foundation for them quickly becoming a formidable contender in the electronic producer scene. Their development and consistent drive for improving technique and sound quality can be seen through their initial discography. Tracks such as ‘Chucky’ 2009 and ‘Filth Lummox’ established them as one’s to watch amongst an evolving breed of producers within dub step’s more technical variant. With all eyes on the…


Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, known as Mantis, are a relentless duo. Having begun their musical careers with metal & deathcore, the transition to heavy bass music was not so much a step down in intensity, but a slide into a world with spectacular tools to mix dense layers of music in new ways, and deploy it with force. Mantis was formed in early 2011 to test the boundaries of metal-influenced production, and plunge the result into a wash of haunting atmospheres. Mantis wants to provide “music to make you feel like you’re somewhere else, and you’ve never been more stoked to be there.”

With that target in sight, 2011 was a smashing first year; the momentum began in…

DJ Quad Control

Multi Genre producer, founder of Atlanta Bass Wars. Double drop specialist. quiet guy, the dude no one knows, and likes it that way.


SyL-o comes to us from another Planet… but now is currently burning the streets of Atlanta GA. From somewhere in this universe, SyL-o brings us HEAVY hitting mash-ups, MIND melting mixes, and ENERGY that can set a place on FIRE!

SyL-o’s influences come from the energy and soul of all types of music, film, and production. First as a DJ, and now as a DJ/producer, SyL-o enjoys creating and spinning heavy dubstep, electro, house and original tunes. He plays bass, guitar and keys/synth and creating and playing music has become his HUGE passion. From Ace of Base to Cradle of Filth, from punk to techno music, SyL-o is a thrill seeker – always living life on the edge. But there’s…

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