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The Masquerade Presents

Asphalt Valentine

American Lesion | Stoneline | Steps From Fallen


8:00 PM | $7.00 ADV | All Ages


Asphalt Valentine

ASPHALT VALENTINE is without a doubt a rock and roll band.

Five Atlanta based musicians got together to combine all those aspects of the ‘spirit’ of Rock and Roll. “How’s about you and me, mix a little gasoline, just to see how long, we can make it burn”.

That being said, the band set out to write and perform songs with that tone in mind. Influenced by every musical note they have ever heard, ASPHALT VALENTINE fused them all together: the attitude of punk, the glam of decadence, the melody of pop, the blare of hard rock, the naiveté of youth, the worn weariness of country, and the soul of the rhythm and the blues..

After a few lineup changes…

American Lesion

American Lesion is the story teller of the American dream, as well as the American nightmare. The hopes and aspirations that push the glory and the fantasy, but making sure the cold underbelly is never misunderstood.
A five-piece ensemble holding a blinding spotlight to lead you into the madness of patriotism carried with the eternal rhythms of Rock’n'Roll. Driven though raspy blues-guitars that emphasize the violence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Erratic drum beats that carry you across the rapids in a strait jacket. Playful bass that lifts you up just when it is too orgasmic, and then drops you back down and pulls you along the waves. The top is cherried with…


toneline was formed by Scott Towers and Jay Bailey in 2004..
StoneLine has opened for many National Touring
Acts like Michale Graves
(ex-Misfits), Blitzkid, The Story
Changes, The Cryptkeeper 5, Dr.
Chud’s X-Ward (ex-Misfit), and
The Luchagors. Stoneline has also
been nominated for a CIA award for
Best New Act in 2006. StoneLine
has recorded a couple of 3 song
demos and are working on an
upcoming full-length CD. StoneLine
prides itself on its stage show.
StoneLine goes out and lays it all
on the line night in and night out. If
you dont think we work hard at what
we do then come…

Steps From Fallen
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