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The Masquerade Presents

Allison Weiss

Pentimento | Candy Hearts | Maggie Smith


7:00 PM | $8.00 ADV | All Ages


Allison Weiss

Call it cliche but sometimes a musician’s inspiration can be broken down simply. Some are inspired by fame and money and some just want to tell their story to everyone. The latter is the best way to describe 25-year-old singer-songwriter Allison Weiss. “When I started playing, I wasn’t so much inspired by other musicians as I was inspired by the need to get a feeling out into the world,” she states. Weiss’ honest, catchy, folk-infused powerpop have attracted a devoted fanbase over the last few years. While her music has changed stylistically, her passion to create music hasn’t. “I’ve always been a writer. I’ve got a lot to say to people and the only way I know how to…


“Established in the Summer months of 2010, Buffalo, NY’s PENTIMENTO have been engaged non-stop in the effort to make their mark on the canvas of concepts that has birthed their sound. With the release of their self-titled debut full length, PENTIMENTO strives to continue their embrace of sonic honesty, passion for their craft, and eagerness to grow. The very spirit of this band can be felt when listening to their songs, which is exactly what sets the precedence for the band and their music.
PENTIMENTO sets themselves apart through their transparency and availability to their listeners. Their raw and genuine approach to punk rock captures the listener in a way that makes…

Candy Hearts
Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith writes songs steeped in heart and soul, with a little mystery and theater thrown into the mix. Her solo performances are whimsical and moving piano soundscapes. She evokes phantasmagoric imagery in her art, poetry, and songs.

Born and raised in the mountains of Georgia to a bohemian family, you can hear the strains of bluegrass and church music mixed with her folk and theater roots. There’s nothing quite like it. Have a listen!

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