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Gina Hadley

The Frame | The Jared Munday Project | After Edmund | NaJasism | CJ & the Chronics | Kyshona Armstrong | The Reagor Brothers | Burning Alter | Cleveland Green


07:00 PM | $11.00 ADV | All Ages


Gina Hadley

Gina Hadley is turning heads and raising eyebrows everywhere she goes with an infectious blend of gritty attitude and alluring, sultry musical intelligence. The appropriately dubbed “Rock n’ Soul Diva” began her musical journey at the ripe young age of nine-years-old. Her natural vocal talent paired incredibly with her vast and intimate interest in poetry, which spawned pages upon pages of thoughtful prose that eventually translated into the songs Hadley performs today. This sun-kissed brickhouse dropped her debut record, Slave to Love, on March 8. Featuring thirteen tracks of rebellious, catchy music, fans of everything from soul to alternative rock should find solace within her relatable…

The Frame

The Frame performs a mix of musical genres and is available for gigs of all kinds.

The Jared Munday Project

Catchy songs combined with electrifying solos, gives this band a unique sound. Jared is the main writer, but once he has a good idea of what he wants we all contribute to the songs.

After Edmund

Catchy songs combined with electrifying solos, gives this band a unique sound. Jared is the main writer, but once he has a good idea of what he wants we all contribute to the songs.Since the release of its 2008 national debut disc Hello, After Edmund has scored mounds of critical kudos, toured from coast to coast multiple times over and amassed a continuously swelling fan base from the ground up. Amidst those adventures, the group scored a highly coveted Grammy nomination (subsequently strutting down the red carpet in style while hanging with members of Death Cab For Cutie, Metallica and the Blind Boys of Alabama to name a few), opening up for Linkin Park’s famed Projekt Revolution (alongside…


Najasism the awesome, energetic, ultra-talented Pop Superstar! He lights up the stage with his amazing versatile music, acrobatics, dancing, live band and showmanship. Najasism is Atlanta & California based, but is currently taking bookings all over the world. If you want an amazing unforgetable show definitely book Najasism.

CJ & the Chronics

Being a little crazy suits CJ Kendrix, aka CJ & the Chronics. Since his debut on the local Atlanta music scene, fans have compared CJ to Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell, Andre 3000 and Usher. This self-proclaimed “performance artist” has a distinct, color-coded style, a neo-hippie philosophy and a skater-chic persona. From acrobatic flips, to skateboard tricks, to smooth dancing, each show brings a new element of surprise. Performing with a rotating band, CJ has created a signature sound by combining decidedly pop song-craft with edgy, hip-hop influenced lyrics. Add to the mix a garage-rock sense of sound with highlights of funk and blues and a soulful delivery, and you have what CJ calls…

Kyshona Armstrong

With her roots in South Carolina and her feet grounded in Athens, GA, Kyshona Armstrong has set off on the road of full time touring artist this past year. Independently releasing her third Album, Home Again, Kyshona has armed herself with guitar and bags to play anywhere from the bayous of Louisiana to the Minnesota Red River Valley.

“Her voice is clear and hefty, carrying a weight of fortitude that smacks through the psyche and into the gut, filling the belly with a soul-stirring resonance.”-Flagpole Magazine.

“...soul-stirring, hand-clapping and foot-stomping music is what Kyshona Armstrong gives the crowd”- Brittney Holmes, Red and Black Magazine

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The Reagor Brothers
Burning Alter

Burning Alter was born of the spirit of Christ with a vision to share his words and works through their music. While the beginning of the band started within the mind of one soul it soon found other members joining in to form a very unique band. They come from the North Georgia area with a goal to reach all the lost, Burning Alter is on a mission to spread Gods love to all who are ready to except it.

Each member brings their unique style to the band and it is different. So, whatever you’re in the mood for we are sure you will it in Burning Alter. God bless you all.

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