Thu, May 4 On Sale: Mar/17

The Masquerade Presents

A Lot Like Birds

Household | Hearts Like Lions | OWEL | Stay the Sea


7:00 PM | $13.00 ADV | All Ages


A Lot Like Birds

A Lot Like Birds is a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, CA, known for their tendency to flawlessly blend a wide array of genres; from ambient soundscapes to aggressive punk-fueled anthems to unpredictable prog-rock freakouts.

The band was initially the brainchild of guitarist Michael Franzino. Franzino invited a couple Sacramento-based musicians and friends to perform with him, the result being Plan B, the band’s debut album. After solidifying a consistent lineup, the band started to pick up buzz in the Sacramento scene, with their dynamic and energetic live shows getting rave reviews.

In early 2011, the band announced that Kurt Travis (formally of Dance Gavin Dance)…

Hearts Like Lions

“The songs on this record feel a lot like diary entries to me. In this case, the phrase ‘dear me’ can be read as both an expression of regret and the beginning of a letter to oneself. I see it as both,” notes OWEL vocalist Jay Sakong. “That’s the nice thing about lyrics in songs - you can pretty much reveal the most secretive parts of yourself and not feel as exposed as if you just said it out loud.”

New Jersey-based indie outfitOWEL will release their intimate sophomore full- length, dear me, on November 11, which was co-produced by Sakong and Gates’ vocalist Kevin Dye.

dear me is the follow-up to Every Good Boy (EP, 2015) that was produced…

Stay the Sea

Stay the Sea is an instrumental experimental rock and post-rock band based in Athens, GA (soon to be Atlanta, GA). They draw influence from a very diverse and ever-growing catalog, though namely Thrice, A Lot Like Birds, Sigur Ros, Russian Circles, and lots of soundtracks and film music come to mind when attempting to pinpoint the top tier of influences.

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