Sat, Jan 12 On Sale: Nov/16

The Masquerade Presents

The Darkness

Hell or Highwater


7:30 PM | $23.00 ADV | All Ages


The Darkness

“We fell out to the point where I didn’t think we were gonna speak again” - Dan Hawkins

“We always knew they’d patch it up. Brothers always do.” - Simon Price, Independent On Sunday, 2011

The rise, fall, and rise again of The Darkness contains all the ingredients of a classic rock opera. The basics are a matter of public record: unfashionable good-time hard rock band from Lowestoft slog their way around the Camden pub circuit, build a word-of-mouth following that can fill theatres without a record deal, then rocket to world stardom selling over 3 million copies of their debut album worldwide, winning three Brit awards and becoming one of the biggest British…

Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater (originally known as The Black Cloud Collective), is the side-project that Brandon Saller (drummer/back-up vocalist for Atreyu) started after the band went on hiatus. Stepping out from behind the drums and up to vocals/guitar full-time, we see an explosive change in form for him. Their debut album “Begin Again” will be available for purchase on iTunes August 9th and you can download the first single from that album “Gimme Love” on their Facebook.

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