Mon, Dec 31 On Sale: Nov/2

The Masquerade Presents

The Bastard Suns

Beauregard & The Down Right | Bleach Garden


8:00 PM | $12.00 ADV | All Ages


The Bastard Suns

The Bastard Suns are a four-piece sonic assault vehicle. In just under 9 years, this Atlanta band has managed to release two full-length albums and five EPs, punctuated by 2009’s ultra-popular full-length Here Come the Suns, and most recently, 2011’s A Band for All Seasons. With the help of several national radio stations and sponsors like Silver Surfer Vaporizers and Sacred Custom Percussion, the band has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, including the video for their single S.B.M.T., which has over 100,000 views alone. Their tours are completely self-funded, and have spanned the length of the U.S. over a dozen times, including countless East Coast and southern tours.

Beauregard & The Down Right

Beauregard Higgins is a singer songwriter from ATL, Ga. His passion pours out through his music with a fresh approach to mixing reggae and folk into a soulful and uplifting vibe. After the release of Beauregard’s EP First & Foremost in July of 2011, he has steadily been making his mark up and down the east coast and across the southwest bringing positive vibes and uplifting lyrics of freedom and equality. This is nothing but heart. Look for Beauregard in your town soon!

Bleach Garden

What happens when you mix 90’s grunge with a little new wave twist?

Bleach Garden a 3 piece Alternative/Seattle Sound/Punk band from Atlanta, Ga. From the immense drum beats and heavy riffed guitars to the intense vocals, you’ll be caught in a flurry of raw power and teenage angst. Bleach Garden is a definite hit with a cross between 90’s Seattle Sound and new wave to transform the once prominent rock genre into a whole new monster. 

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