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Namesake | Taylor Mathews


6:00 PM | $15.00 ADV | All Ages



R5 is a unique group of siblings born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. They have always had a fascinated group of followers and fans, ever since they showed up at their first performance in their matching outfits at the age of six on down to one. They’ve been performing, singing, dancing and acting, since they all could barely walk. Finally moving to Los Angeles in the fall of 2007, they’ve struck a chord in Hollywood, working on nearly 100 different theatrical, commercial and dancing projects.

After adding the crucial missing link, the best friend and drummer “Ratliff” to the family band, they are even more excited about their musical future. They can be seen playing live…


It’s not often that a group of still-teenaged gentlemen form a band and all bear their father’s name. But that’s exactly the case with the appropriately titled Atlanta, Georgia group, Namesake. Comprised of vocalist Will Crafton, guitarists Brad Wagner and Troy Harmon, and drummer Kevin Nordeste, in addition to their “name” connection, all share a knack for penning hard-edged, highly melodic pop tunes, as evidenced by their debut album, ‘Borders & Fences,’ and such song as “Worlds Away” (the album’s first single), “Saturday,” “A Million Good Reasons,” and the title track - Border & Fences. 


Taylor Mathews




Direct from a national TV series and tour, Taylor Mathews, 20-year-old singer and songwriter from Alexandria, LA is steadfastly pursuing his ambitions of becoming an accomplished singer, songwriter and touring musician. Taylor picked up the guitar at age 13 and passionately played and wrote songs for the next several years, along with singing and performing for anyone who would listen. With a little encouragement from his friends and family, he auditioned for a major national TV series. The judges and producers listened and immediately loved what they heard which landed him on the nation’s most popular summer show,…

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