Thu, Dec 6 On Sale: Oct/17

The Masquerade Presents

"Alive or Just Breathing" 10th Anniversary Tour

Killswitch Engage

Shadows Fall | Acaro


7:00 PM | $20.00 ADV | All Ages

Parking for this show show will be available in the Masquerade Music Park as well as at the Yaarab Shrine (400 Ponce De Leon Ave NE). The Yaarab Shrine lot will open at 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM with a shuttle running to and from The Masquerade.


Killswitch Engage

Sometimes, a much-loved and highly successful band needs to shake things up a bit to keep things fresh and interesting for their fans and for themselves, all the while retaining the signature sonic hallmarks that have defined their sound.

For their upcoming sixth album, Massachusetts metal pioneers Killswitch Engage reunited with original singer Jesse Leach, whose vocals and lyrics on 2002’s landmark Alive or Just Breathing are fan-favorite qualities and part of what helped put KsE on the map as one of the most important bands of the ‘00s metal revival. Poll KsE fans and ask which album they like best and Alive or Just Breathing is usually right at the top of the list.

Shadows Fall

Having released six albums over a 14 year period and climbed to the top of what was respectfully termed the New Wave of American Metal hierarchy, Massachusetts-based quintet Shadows Fall made a deliberate decision. Instead of writing between tours and then quickly recording in order to make a tight deadline, as they’ve done in the past, the band chose to stay off the road for a full year and intently focus on their next album. Their reasons were simple; they wanted to create a full album that not only satisfied all of the band members artistically, but one that would capture Shadows Fall at their best in all their styles and forms… without compromise.

“I always want to step our…


We are ACARO and we are metal.

We are 5 hard working individuals, who bring 5 different backgrounds to create 1 unique musical experience,


We always give our audience more than they expect, and we will never be satisfied with our abilities.


Our first show was in October 2008 at Ralphs Diner in Worcester, MA. Also, we have been honored to play the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in 2009 and 2010, the NEMHCF’s SXSW stage in 2010, and have shared the stage with Unearth, In Flames, Gojira, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Winds of Plague, Suffocation, Acacia Strain, and many other leading national and…

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